Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Weird Names and Vacation Fun

So, I'm finally through with my introductory classes. I had two sections of 1st Year Business English, and they only just got through with their military training. That's right, every freshman in China has to have a week of military training before college.So anyway, this means I get some more funny names!

and...three more Cherry's

On another note, in a week I'll be leaving on my National Day vacation, heading to Guilin. I get a week off for travel, but I have to be back on Saturday the 8th. Why? So that I can make up classes that will be missed. It seems to me like they haven't quite grasped the concept of a "vacation". I mean, they have a vague idea, but they haven't actually grokked it. The other odd thing is that I'll only be making up my Thursday and Friday classes, which is even more baffling. What's wrong with Tuesday and Wednesday classes? Are they so hopelessly behind that even a make up class won't help them? I think this just qualifies as one of those things that I can't quite figure out about this place.

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