Sunday, December 04, 2005

Classroom Predicitons

So, in my most recent week of classes I was teaching the students a lesson about making predictions, where they would work in pairs and one student would make a prediction and the other one would refute it. I got some pretty...interesting results. There were the students who hadn't been listening and didn't know what a prediction was, but there were also some that left me a bit speechless.

One was a pair of girls, and one of them made the prediction "I think I'll be president of the United States one day". To refute, the other said, "But you are not white person, you are yellow person". I tried to explain that your race isn't a legal impediment to your ability to be the president (note I just said "legal", I wasn't about to try and talk socio-economic race politics in America with my students), but I'm not sure they got it.

The next one was special. There's the long version and the short version. Short version: two students very clumsily used an english prediction excersise to re-enact the Annunciation. Long version: The first girl predicts that the second girl is pregnant. The second girl protests, claiming that she's not married (they don't actually know the word "virgin", so not being married is the closest they can do). The first girl then explains that the 2nd is carrying the Son of God, and I quote, "You will have the Son of God and his name will be....will be....[long awkward pause]....Jew." Normally, when students are through presenting, I'll say things like, "Good job," but this time...this time I couldn't really think of anything to say.

At least they had this little presentation during Advent.

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