Monday, November 07, 2005


I don't know how to do any of this html mumbo-jumbo, but here are the pictures I promised. Now you can know what my dwelling and workplace look like.

Here's an exterior shot of my Apartment building, I'm in the bottom floor, closest to the camera.

Here's the school. The building on the left is for classrooms and the building on the right is offices.

The Gym/Meeting Hall

Interior of the office building from the 12th floor.

The Tianhe district of Guangzhou, as seen from the 12th floor of the office building.

The Foreign Affairs office

Alice (one of my bosses)

Now, my school is fairly modern and clean. Don't let that fool you. Here are some pictures of outside the school gate.

Here are some of the other teachers, Hannah, Leslie, and Helen. Hannah, incidentally, was the one who got attacked (she's fine now).

Alright, so next time I'll have some of my Yangshuo pictures up, too. Until next time, mis amigos.

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Mark Grotjohn said...

Ben! I'm working with your uncle now, Joe Gutekanst! I had no idea you had decided to return to China. That's wonderful! I've had time to read your blog yet, but I'll get around to it. Joe and I happened to make the connection at break today! Shot me an e-mail when you get the chance,