Friday, August 26, 2005

Welcome to my China blog

Dear Family member/friend/acquaintence,

I am very, very lazy. I will be up front with this. That is why I have created my China blog, so I don't have to keep sending all of you long e-mail updates. Now the burden falls upon all of you to keep up with me. If you don't get news about my goings on, it's not my fault.

I'll try to avoid boring point-by-point recounts of my days and only stick to the interesting stuff. If you are the kind of person who wants the boring point-by-point recounts, drop me an e-mail at

That is all for now. I'll be updating with something substantial sometime.


Ned said...

Hi Ben:

Happy happy new fresh lucky welcome China your new blog! Oldest son always up and your lucky day!

I look forward to reading your dispatches from abroad. So don't be forgetting to write because of that "nobody reads my blog" whiny nonsense. In fact, I hope you will include both the boring and the interesting stuff, because I bet you won't be able to tell which is which after you've been over there for a while. Good luck in China!

mgulley said...

Lovingly perused! gdaddy